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My name is Tony Webb and I was born a long time ago. Unfortunateley I was far too young to remember my parent’s life changing event or the sudden realisation that I could scream, wet and poo in a nappy all at the same time!

My Home town is Southend on Sea in England. It’s a great place to visit. If you’re lucky you get to see the Thames Estuary covered in water.  If you’re unlucky you get to see vast areas of mud because as as my mother used to say someone keeps pulling the plug out.
You will also find the longest pleasure pier in the world in Southend. What’s more it has it’s own private railway with a modern fleet of trains.

I currently live in Ylästö which is near Helsinki airport in Finland. It’s a nice village and a great place to live. What’s more unlike residents around Heathrow airport I can get a good nights sleep provided the wildlife doesn’t wake me up! The top picture is a view of a local farm.

I became a Christian in 1973 and in 1975 joined the British Army, the Royal Army Medical Corps. I started a Bible study group whilst at their training centre and trained to be a nurse. I left the Army in 1986 and started my own business. In 1989 I had my house repossessed and ended up homeless for a short while and lived in a small tent.

In the early 1990’s I studied at university for a degree and became president of the university’s Christian Network. One of the things we did was to hold informal lunches where people could discuss Christianity.

My degree course included one years work experience in I.T. I found a job as a systems tester in Newcastle Upon Tyne. During this time I lived with some friends in Cramlington.

I spent that year being involved in a local community church and helped out with an Alpha course (a course designed for people to find out about God). At the end of that year my friends sent me on a 2 week street evangelism course (help people to discover Jesus) which was in Sheffield and Stockton on Tees. I wasn’t a happy bunny to say the least. However the course was the best that I had done for a very long time.

Since then I have helped out with Homeless projects, running Alpha courses and many evangelism events that encouraged people to discover Jesus.

In November 2010 I took part in an evangelism project in Helsinki city centre. One of the questions I had to ask was “do you know what a saint is?” Quite frequently the reply that I got was “Why don’t I know what a scientist is?” I had many discussions and was able to talk about my faith and Jesus.

I am currently studying Finnish full as well as being a freelance English teacher.

This blog was born out of an idea to use the web as a tool for evangelism.  There are several reasons for my food for thought blog;

  • Every day events are related to what the Holy Bible teaches and what Christians believe.
  • All of my blogs are my opinions and some Christians may disagree with them.
  • Ultimately they are a challenge to my own attitudes and behaviour which is far from perfect even though they might be funny.
  • That Jesus loves us for who we are and not what we think we should be.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs. Feel free to share your thought on the blog’s subject. You  never know you might make new friends and make contact with like minded people!

One advantage about this website is that there is no arm twisting or any other technique used to persuade you to become a Christian. I use facts and personal experiences.  If you choose to not become a Christian I’m happy with that. At least you will have not only found out but understood what Christians believe.

If you do decide to become a Christian Congratulations. I hope that you soon make friends with some Christians and find a church to join.

Have fun reading these blogs.

May God Bless You,

Tony Webb

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